Paper Shredding in London Hits an All Time High

Paper Shredding - The Solution to the Paper Flood Issue

Pollution is a big concern these days. It is a global issue which is being taken seriously nowadays by all the major nations of the world and the UK is no different. The country is doing its best to ensure that eco-friendly and sustainable sources of energy are utilized for the generation of power and maximum efforts are made to encourage recycling of products. One of the steps taken by the UK government in this regard is of shredding excess paper. Yes, paper! There is just too much of it going around on the streets of London and it had to be stopped somehow. Paper shredding has emerged as a great way of solving the paper flood issue. Visit to find out how you can use paper shredding to your advantage. 

The Need for Paper Shredding in London

The rise of paper shredding in London should not come as a surprise. It was inevitable that the government thought of a way to put an end to the growing paper flood that was plaguing the city. The following are some of the reason why London streets had been teeming with all that paper.   

Paper has been used for the purpose of printing newspapers for a long period of time. There are a number of renowned newspapers that have their headquarters located in London. They have been providing the people of the city with up to date news for years. Papers like the Evening Standard and the Metro are well known for their authentic and quality news reporting. However, the age of the newspapers is slowly coming to an end. People nowadays don’t read the newspapers anymore. With the advent of the television and the internet, people don’t see the need for opening a newspaper to get to know about latest happenings in the world. So, they no longer read newspapers. 

Although newspapers have lost their appeal and popularity among the people, they are still being published in large quantities in London. These newspapers are sold at various locations throughout the city especially at train stations and cab stands. It is at these locations that the newspapers get scattered around the most. Hundreds of copies of the newspapers that haven’t been sold keep flying from one cab to the next, making a literal mess everywhere. Not only was this paper becoming a pollution issue, it was causing drivers and passersby a great deal of issue on the roads too.  

Newspapers aren’t the only forms of publication that have lost their appeal. Magazines and gazettes are also among the publications that have lost out to the media revolution. Still, there are a number of publication houses that still print magazines on a regular basis. Found in almost every other cab and in pubs, these magazines don’t get read that often. While people no longer read them, they are still published and also get thrown out quite often on roads by casual readers. They were also making quite a mess on the roads of London for quite some time.   

Paper shredding was seen as a great means of solving the paper overflow issue in London. The publication of the newspapers can’t legally be stopped so it was thought that the excess paper that was creating litter on the roads should be recycled somehow. Scooping up the paper from the roads was not much of a problem. However, transporting it to the recycling plant was considered an issue. It is not that easy to get the newspapers stuffed in bags because of their large sizes. So, paper shredding was utilized as the preferred means of shredding the paper first into thin strips, which would then be put in plastic bags and transported to the recycling plants. 

How is Paper Shredding Useful 

Paper shredding is a simple method which involves the use of a shredding machine. Sheets of paper go in from one side of the shredder and come out the other in the form of thin strips. These strips are then put in a large bag which is then shipped off to the recycling plant. Paper shredding is useful in the sense that it makes recycling of paper a lot easier. The thin strips of the paper that it creates can easily be melted and recycled into usable paper again. You can learn more about it by visiting the Recycling London website. Moreover, shredding of paper also helps a great deal in ensuring that any sensitive data on the papers does not get accidently leaked.    


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